Momentum is a leadership conference series that inspires people's greatest passions for tomorrow's needs

Join us for this special conference as we examine the numerous differences that often divide us yet can ultimately unite us beyond any commonalities we may share. We’ll delve into some of life’s most divisive topics and see how these differences can be embraced and used to complete the Church. Join keynote speaker Fr. Anthony Messeh, and other distinguished speakers, for this amazing event. Make sure to register today and reserve your spot before we sell out!

Early bird pricing - $100 ends January 8th
Regular Price - $125 ends February 5th

Practical Insights

At Momentum, our keynote speakers are uniquely qualified and capable leaders who have the ability to transcend audiences through their ideas while at the same time providing relevant and practical insight into the daily challenges we face as Christian leaders. No matter who is keynoting our event, the boundaries of your leadership and thought practice are sure to be pushed as you reach for even greater purpose. 

Energy and Passion

The two words that best describe everything about what we do at Momentum is energy and passion. From the opening session of heaven-shaking prayers and praises to the final goodbyes, Momentum is all about putting a large group of energetic, passionate people in a room together and challenging them to take giant leaps in their walk with Christ.

A Time to Connect

We acknowledge the simple truth that leaders grow best when they are surrounded by fellow leaders who encourage and push them to greater heights than they ever thought possible. You won’t find a cookie cutter community here but rather a melting pot of varying ideas, backgrounds, and beliefs that celebrate the spirit of diversity and inclusion that we are taught to have in Christ Himself. 


Fr. Anthony Messeh has been serving as the leader of Saint Timothy and Saint Athanasius Church since its inception in April 2012. God has gifted Fr. Anthony with a unique ability to communicate life-changing and eternal truths in simple, practical, and understandable ways. He has a genuine and authentic passion for God that is contagious and can be felt whenever he preaches.


Our workshops will allow guests to receive a hands-on, interactive experience that challenges each participant and requires them to apply the principles and lessons received in our lectures in a very real environment. Workshops will also allow guests the opportunity to collaborate with others and share ideas together in order to learn from one another and grow together.


We believe that music is to the soul what words are to the mind. So we make sure to always start all our sessions with some heaven-shaking praises that speak to our souls and allow us to feel the presence of God in our gathering.